How to Set Healthy New Years Resolutions

Every year around New Year it is a popular practice to come up with resolutions to implement into the coming year. For many, this could be to lose weight, save money, or eat healthier. Many people talk about their resolutions, get excited about them, and even write them down. They might start strong during January and may even see a little progress. However, in too many cases people end up giving up their New Year’s Resolutions because they find them too hard or forget them altogether. The reason this happens is that often the resolutions we make are not realistic or specific enough. There are some tricks and tricks you can use to make sure your 2022 resolutions stick and you become the best version of yourself this year.

Why People Make New Years Resolutions

Before you can begin to think about what you want your resolutions for the year to be, you need to decide why you are making them in the first place. If the only reason you’re doing it is because those around you are, or it is simply a tradition that you do each year, you might not truly be motivated to follow through with your commitment. With a new year comes a fresh start and another chance to live your life to its fullest potential. In life, it is easy to become stagnant, stop growing as a person, and simply go with the flow. However, with a new year, we have the opportunity to take stock of our lives and consider what’s going well and what’s not. Even if we think we’ve got it all together, there is always some area in our lives that could use some attention. When making your resolutions this year, consider your mental health, physical health, and emotional health. How do you plan to take care of each of these areas in the new year?

Strategies for Making Resolutions Stick

#1. When you are thinking about what you want your resolutions to be, make sure that they are very specific and concrete. Saying that you want to lose weight is a positive goal, but it is very vague. Instead, think about what specific steps you’re going to take to achieve that goal. Maybe your goal is to try to get 10,000 steps every day, go to the gym fives times a week, or sign up for a mini-marathon. Figuring out these specific steps will make you more likely to achieve your goal.

#2. It is important to track your progress in order to hold yourself accountable. This can be done by using a journal or even starting a personal blog where you document important milestones as you reach them. This can keep you from slacking off and forgetting to put in the work.

#3. Don’t set yourself up for failure by picking out too many different resolutions. This can become overwhelming and stressful. Instead, try to focus on one specific goal and put your energy into that. This will increase your chance of seeing success.

#4. Make sure that you plan how you are going to accomplish your resolution. For example, if your goal is to eat healthier, take time to come up with grocery lists and plan nutritious meals. Once you already have a plan in place, you’ll be more likely to stick to it instead of simply opting for fast food instead.

#5. Make sure that whatever resolution you choose is achievable. Taking small steps towards your goal will make your resolution more sustainable and will ensure a greater chance of success.

#6. Consider what has worked in the past and what hasn’t. If you’ve had the same resolution for the past several years and haven’t seen any positive results, you may need to consider choosing something different.

Ideas for Positive New Years Resolutions

If you’re having trouble thinking of ideas for resolutions this year, these examples may help.

  • Limit your daily screen time
  • Strive to get 8 hours of sleep every night
  • Try to read a new book every month
  • Try one new recipe every week
  • Create a budget for yourself and stick to it
  • Cut back on alcohol or quit entirely
  • Join a club that will help you learn a new hobby
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator every chance you get
  • Consider going to therapy to work through any issues going on in your life
  • Plan a vacation with your significant other
  • Find a charity and volunteer regularly
  • Keep a daily gratitude journal

With every New Year comes a fresh start and another chance to start living life to the fullest. Do you find yourself making resolutions every year only to never actually follow through with them or see any results? If so, consider your reasoning behind making resolutions. Is it because you truly want to change or is it just a tradition you do every year. If your resolutions never seem to stick, try to make sure that they are realistic, concrete, and achievable. Keep your resolutions limited so you are not overwhelmed or spread too thin. Make a plan and track your progress along the way. Some examples of healthy resolutions include getting more sleep, cutting back on alcohol, and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. At Achieve Concierge, we want to help you start living your best life in 2022. Call (619) 393-5871 today to learn more about the types of services we provide.

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