Concierge Psychiatric Services


Achieve Concierge takes service to a whole new level by designing a comprehensive mental wellness concierge program. Imagine how special you will feel with direct access to your doctor for emergencies, timely appointments, and extended appointment time with your mental healthcare professionals.

The purpose of providing this membership option is threefold:

  • When mental health services are needed there is often a sense of urgency about being seen, and frustration when appointments are scheduled out a week or two in the future. As a Premier Member, patients will receive top priority in scheduling visits, with *same-day or next day appointments.
  • Offering a personalized Concierge Coordinator ensures that all elements of care are carefully planned and seamlessly coordinated, resulting in the utmost in personalized mental wellness care. No more falling through the cracks, confusion, or lapses in care.
  • Including important collaborations with a patient’s family members and school personnel, expanding the scope of service to include significant stakeholders. Family meetings and/or school consultations are included in the membership.

Achieve Concierge combines its state-of-the-art treatment services with top-notch concierge-style patient care to create a new era in mental wellness care. As a Premier Member, you will experience the most advanced, personalized, emotional and mental healthcare available today.


As human beings, we are more than just a diagnosis! Each of us is a complex being with varying needs, preferences, and belief systems. If the mind is out of sync with the body and/or spirit an emotional dissonance results, potentially causing illness of both the mind and body. Achieve Concierge understands the importance of holistic treatment in correcting any imbalance while promoting comprehensive mental wellness through tailored personalized care.


Telemedicine Services

Achieve Concierge offers uninterrupted access to our specialized, comprehensive mental health services with our telemedicine platform. Our telemedicine option allows you to have an online appointment with our healthcare professionals from the comfort of your home. Read more about our Telemedicine services here.

Same Day Appointments

Achieve Concierge offers same day appointments, ensuring you won’t have to wait many days or weeks to work with our medical clinicians to find a treatment for a mood disorder.

Comprehensive Mental Health Services

Efficient Referral System

Achieve Concierge is well-connected in the San Diego community, allowing us to provide direct referrals to services and specialists outside our practice, ensuring that our patients have access to the services they need.

Confidential Mental Health Services

Achieve Concierge offers confidential mental health services, so our patients can work with our medical clinicians and focus on what’s most important — finding the best way to treat mood disorder symptoms.


Adult Mental Health Services

Achieve Concierge’s adult mental health services enable men and women to get the help they need to manage symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.

Child Mental Health Services

Achieve Concierge’s child mental health services allow children to work with our medical clinicians to develop and implement long-lasting mood disorder coping strategies and techniques.

Youth Mental Health Services

Achieve Concierge’s youth mental health services ensure adolescents and teens can meet with our medical clinicians and find ways to manage mood disorder symptoms that can otherwise hamper their ability to function.

Veterans Mental Health Services

Achieve Concierge’s veterans mental health services allow military personnel and military veterans to find ways to cope with the symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health disorders.

*Same-day and next day appointment scheduling is available to existing patients.

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