How to Celebrate the Father or Father Figure in Life

Father’s Day is right around the corner. Those who grew up without a father, do not have a good relationship with their father, or have lost their father can be a rather sad day. It can be associated with feelings of dread, anxiety, and depression. If you don’t have a father to celebrate this month and typically dread this day, consider how you think about this holiday and try to shift your perception. For example, you may consider doing something to celebrate someone who has been a father figure in your life, whether that be an older brother, uncle, friend, or someone who has supported you. Or, if you are grieving the loss of your father, consider what you can do to honor his memory. Shifting your viewpoint on this day can make all the difference.

Celebrating a Father That Has Passed On

Father’s Day can be bittersweet for those who have fathers that have passed on. They may hurt more than usual to see others spending time with their fathers or sharing photos of them on social media on this particular day. While there may undoubtedly be pain surrounding this holiday, it doesn’t have to be a sad day. Consider what your father was passionate about or liked to do when still alive. Maybe it was playing or watching a particular sport, visiting a certain restaurant, or engaging in a special hobby. You may find comfort in gathering some of your family members or friends and enjoying this activity in your father’s honor. Doing this can take a day that would have been sorrowful and make it focused on something positive. Other ways of honoring a father that has passed on this Father’s Day include:

  • Volunteering for a charity associated with a cause he cared about
  • Donate to a charity in his name so that he can continue to live on
  • Visit his burial site
  • Create a slideshow composed of your favorite pictures of him and share it with loved ones
  • Writing a letter composed of everything you wish you could tell him today
  • Make a scrapbook composed of letters and photographs featuring your dad
  • Share your favorite stories of him with friends and family
  • Have a quilt made of clothing or blankets that belonged to him
  • Cook his favorite meal and share it with someone you care about

Celebrating a Living Father or Father Figure

If you have a living father with whom you’re on good terms, Father’s Day can be a great day to show them how much you appreciate the support they’ve given you throughout your life. This doesn’t have to be your biological father, it could be an individual who has been a father figure for you. Some ideas of how you can celebrate your father on this day without breaking the bank include:

  • Giving him a card or letter expressing how much you care about them
  • Prepare a homemade gift for him
  • Watch his favorite movie or show with him
  • Join him for a game of golf or whatever his preferred sport is
  • Prepare him his favorite meal
  • Join him for a trip to his favorite restaurant
  • Have your favorite picture of him framed and present it to him
  • Share your favorite memories you have with him

Taking Care of Your Mental Health This Father’s Day

If you know that Father’s Day is likely to be a difficult day for you and your mental health, it can help you prepare ahead of time. Consider who you’re going to reach out to if you find yourself experiencing a mental health emergency (for example, experiencing a severe panic attack or having thoughts of harming oneself or others.) This person could be your therapist or a trusted family member or friend who can help you work through your emotions. Some other things to alleviate the stress you may consider doing to protect your mental health during this day include:

  • Taking a break from social media as seeing other’s Father’s Day tributes may be triggering.
  • Spending some time out in nature with fewer distractions can focus on your well-being.
  • Take some time to journal to work out the different emotions you’re dealing with
  • Surround yourself with people that love and support you
  • Ensure that you’re taking care of your mental health by eating nutritious meals regularly and fitting in exercise
  • If you don’t have a father figure in your life, consider spending the day celebrating a family member or other individual that has supported you, such as a grandparent, sibling, aunt, or uncle.

Father’s Day is usually intended to be a day to celebrate fathers; it can be a difficult mental health day for those who are grieving the loss of their father or never had a father figure in their lives. You can still celebrate this day if your father has passed on by honoring his memory. Some ideas for how to do this include donating to his favorite charity or creating a slideshow featuring your favorite photos of him. If you suspect that Father’s Day may be a difficult day for you this year, consider taking the time to prepare yourself by scheduling a session with your therapist or reaching out to a trusted friend. It may also help to take a break from social media or take some time to journal. If you are struggling with your mental health, our team at Achieve Concierge can help. Call (619) 393-5871 today.

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