Staying Motivated During a Crisis

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused many people to undergo intense lifestyle changes with no clear end in sight. We grappled with a newfound loss of control and crippling uncertainty. These widespread negative feelings gave rise to a global mental health crisis. Panic, anxiety, and stress seemed into our personal and professional lives. Between working from home, fears for physical and mental health, feeling stuck in an environment, keeping your distance from the people and activities that bring you joy, and the loss of access to important healthcare services, it’s no wonder that so many people have struggled to maintain their motivation throughout the pandemic.

It’s become the new norm for many to simply try to make it through each day while staving off fear and loss. You may have lost your ability to focus or keep up with your daily responsibilities. As we approach the one-year mark, the lack of enthusiasm is more apparent than ever. Through it all, we’re still able to succeed in staying motivated and healthy, mentally and physically. Here are a few ways to boost and maintain your motivation throughout these trying times:

Set Smart Goals

As life has changed, the way you approach setting and attaining your goals has probably changed with it, and that’s utterly reasonable. Setting goals for yourself helps foster motivation. That motivation is what drives you to tackle objectives in your personal and professional life. You may find that the disarray of the pandemic has made it much harder for you to generate the motivation you need to even get out of bed, much less focus on your goals. To recharge your ability to motivate yourself, try setting goals that are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.

Focus on Your Daily Tasks

When you’re struggling to find the motivation to get things done, it can help to set goals that frame your days by creating a structured schedule of tasks. This can increase your ability to stay on track and act with motivation. Making a schedule of your daily tasks is improved by writing them down. Seeing each piece of your day laid out in front of you can help eliminate mental fog and clutter. You can feel your motivation rise each time you check an item off your list. It can bring you immediate satisfaction to watch your to-do list shrink until it vanishes.

Establish Your Routine (and Don’t Be Afraid to Change It Up)

It can be challenging to stay motivated when you have no idea what’s going to happen next. The pandemic shattered our everyday routines, causing many people to feel as though they’d lost control over their lives. Establishing a routine that works, for the time being, can both help you regain control over your life and decrease your stress and anxiety. Try to keep your new routine relatively similar to your old routine, however possible, and then add adjustments and allowances as needed to make it work for your present lifestyle. Creating reliable habits in your daily life can help you regain some of the stability you may be missing.

Spend Time With Your Family and Friends

Humans thrive off of social interaction. As we lost the ability to connect with other people, many of us faced intense feelings of loneliness and depression. As more states begin lifting parts of their social distancing mandates, you may be able to find ways to responsibly spend time with your loved ones while simultaneously continuing to do your part to prevent the spread of the virus. Whether you take a careful walk outside or get together for outdoor dining with safety regulations, get the most out of your relationships to the extent that keeps you comfortable. If you prefer to wait to meet face to face, you can always set up a group video call with your favorite people. The power of human connection is remarkably potent and can instill in you the sense of motivation that you’re searching for.

Spend Time With Yourself

Don’t forget to pour effort into yourself, too; self-care is an equally important part of social wellness. Your physical and mental well-being is something you need to cherish and prioritize. Take time for yourself to relax and recharge. Give yourself grace on the days when you lack motivation and be the loudest voice in celebrating your successes. Do anything that fills your life with enjoyment and motivation, from taking pleasant walks on your own to pursuing your favorite hobbies.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic began almost a year ago, most people are still struggling with inconsistent and unstable schedules at work, school, and home. Being able to keep a normal routine has been made almost impossible, which can pose a serious obstacle to your ability to stay motivated and focused. These are trying times, and you’re not weak for having difficulty adjusting. There are still solutions available to help you keep focused on moving forward in your life as much as possible, given the circumstances. Learn to boost your motivation, decrease your stress levels, and keep pushing forward through uncertainty and fear. If you need help in maneuvering through these challenging times, reach out to Achieve Concierge. We can offer the personalized support you need to overcome your obstacles, maintain stable mental health, and live the life you want for yourself. Call Achieve Concierge today at (619) 393-5871 to learn more.

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