10 Self-Care Activities to Combat Depression

Coping with depression during a global pandemic and being unable to leave home can take an emotional toll on just about anyone. As the world begins to open up, it’s important to do little things that bring you joy and comfort while adjusting to new social norms and a new way of life.

Taking care of yourself needs to be as important as taking care of your family, work, bills, or any other responsibilities. Here are some ideas that you can implement in your life now to start living a happier and healthier reality.

1. Surf the Internet

The endless resources on the internet make it easy to take up a new hobby, learn a new skill, or entertain yourself with a good TV show or movie. While surfing the internet, it could also be beneficial to look for more ways to implement self-care that works for you. For example, you can join an online chat room, seek inspirational quotes, or read success stories from other individuals who also have a depression diagnosis.

2. Go Out to Eat with Friends

Is there a local restaurant you’ve been dying to try? Now is a great time to ask your friends if they’d like to meet up and grab a bite to eat! As the world begins to open back up after the coronavirus pandemic, eating out is just one way to get back into old routines and social habits. Call your local eateries and ask for a reservation to have a sit-down experience again! This is also a great way to get you out of the house if you are feeling down.

3. Rearrange the Furniture in Your Home

It’s always nice to give the place you are so familiar with a little shake-up or change of scenery. Move things around, try a new paint color, or add a rug to a room. Changing your home — even if they are minor changes — is an excellent way to get yourself into a mindset of seeing things from a different perspective.

4. Try Arts & Crafts

There are plenty of tools locally and online to teach someone a new artistic talent. Through video streaming platforms, you can find painting tutorials, candle-making videos, or blogs that teach you how to crochet and knit. Find a creative outlet that allows you to complete an original art piece to signify your artistic ability and your achievement of completion.

5. Just Say “No”

Many of us find saying no to plans or events to be extremely difficult. Finding your strength to decline invitations might be just what you need to heal yourself mentally or take a personal self-care day. It’s okay to say no to plans that do not seem all that fun to you. Just make sure that you do not isolate yourself all the time — spending quality time with friends and family is important.

6. Clean Up

Many people find a clean space to be cathartic. Even a quick 10-minute tidy-up around your main living area or workspace could be the motivation you need to feel calmer, more at peace, and grounded.

7. Practice Good Hygiene

For some, it could be challenging to get out of bed and start your day. Consider taking a hot shower, washing and styling your hair, and putting on an outfit that makes you feel stylish and ready for your day. Getting prepared is a great motivation to get outside and do something fun and productive.

8. Start a Blog

Starting a blog on any platform website and writing about whatever makes you happy is a great way to practice self-care. Write about your experiences, your cat, your job, funny posts you saw on social media — whatever you choose to write about could be an excellent release of emotion. It could even show you a new creative talent you never knew you had.

9. Allow Yourself a Movie Day

Spend an entire day in your pajamas with some popcorn and candy and binge-watch that TV show or movie series you have been dying to see. Take the time to kick back, turn off your phone, and dive into a fictional world. It’s okay!

10. Watch the Sunrise

Find out when the sun will rise in your city and set your alarm extra early. Grab a blanket and a pillow, pour a cup of coffee and go to a comfortable location with a non-obstructed view. Listen to your feel-good playlist and watch the world wake up. It’s a brand-new day.

Managing a depression diagnosis is complicated. If you try many self-care techniques and still don’t feel like you’re receiving the treatment you need, Achieve Concierge can help. Our outpatient treatment facilities for depression are staffed by expert medical personnel and feature state-of-the-art therapies, so we can offer our patients tailored treatment options for their depression symptoms. To learn more, call us today at (619) 393-5871.

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