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Personality Disorder Treatment in San Diego

Achieve Concierge is a top provider of personality disorder treatment in San Diego. Unlike other personality disorder treatment centers in San Diego, our courteous, knowledgeable clinicians take an in-depth approach to help patients address their personality disorder symptoms. We know the value of taking the time to discuss with patients how their personality disorder symptoms affect their lives, and then we work to provide a custom personality disorder treatment plan designed to help each patient safely and effectively manage his or her symptoms.

What Is Personality Disorder?

Personality disorder refers to a mental disorder that causes a person to experience an unhealthy pattern of thinking. A person dealing with a personality disorder is often rigid in his or her thought patterns, and struggles to relate to others. As such, a personality disorder patient may encounter problems as he or she tries to build relationships or engage in social situations.

Genetics and environment are two of the factors that may cause a personality disorder to develop, Mayo Clinic states. If an individual has a family history of personality order, he or she may be more susceptible than others to personality disorder symptoms. A person’s surroundings, personal history, and relationships shape his or her personality, and may result in a personality disorder. For example, it has been shown that living in poverty may make a person more prone to a personality disorder, as well as a history of childhood trauma and verbal abuse. An abusive relationship with a spouse or relative may also increase a person’s risk of developing a personality disorder.

There are many potential causes of personality disorders, and they may lead to different types of personality disorders. Common personality disorders include:

If you or a loved one are experiencing personality disorder symptoms, a proper diagnosis is necessary. This will an individual find the root cause of their personality disorder and make it possible to explore effective treatment options. 

Personality Disorder Treatment

The right personality disorder treatment depends on the individual, and many treatment options are available that can be personalized to a patient’s symptoms. Common personality disorder treatments include:

  • Psychotherapy: A personality disorder patient meets with a mental health counselor to discuss his or her thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. A mental health counselor helps the patient develop social skills and find ways to cope with personality disorder symptoms.
  • Medication: Antidepressant, mood stabilizer, antipsychotic, and anti-anxiety medications may be prescribed to treat a patient’s personality disorder symptoms.
  • Residential Treatment Program: Patients dealing with severe personality disorder symptoms may require a hospital stay or residential treatment program; this is required if a patient is deemed to be a threat to himself or herself or others.

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