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I’m Anxious: Do I Have a Disorder?

Each person experiences and deals with a variety of unique stressors in their everyday life. It is perfectly normal to worry about an important meeting coming up, a midterm, moving, or whether or not your teenager will make the right decision when pressured to do drugs. Stress and anxiety are a natural part of what […]

How Does Frequently Moving Affect Children?

When children are born, they begin observing their surroundings and learning how to manage interactions with the world. The environment created by parents for their children and the techniques they use to raise them helps shape the kind of adult they will grow to become. Children require a safe, nurturing, and stable household. Nevertheless, these […]

How to Help Your Child Cope With Going Back to School

March marked a full year since many schools closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools across the country shut down without much warning, transitioning to remote learning on the fly. It was a huge adjustment for students, parents, teachers, and administrative staff alike. With many Americans receiving the vaccine and reports of virus cases dropping, […]

Signs That Your Child is Self-Harming

As a parent, you want nothing more for your children than to be safe, happy, and healthy. The thought of your child hurting themselves can stop you in your tracks. If you learn or suspect that your child is hurting themselves, you might feel shocked, afraid, or even angry. You may feel guilty, as though […]

Helping Your Soldier Battle PTSD

I was awakened by loud, erratic noises. I was still partially asleep, so I tried to push through the fog and figure out what was going on. Though I could hear the hustle and bustle of the city outside our downtown apartment, that wasn’t the noise that awoke me. My husband was frantically moving around […]