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Why Military Mental Health Services Are Essential

Mental health for service members is essential. Coming home to a life torn apart by politics, the coronavirus, and protests can be stressful. Trying to readjust to civilian life presents difficulties of its own. Regardless, if military individuals are transitioning out of the service or coming home after a tour, the fact is that talking […]

The Benefits of Botox For Depression

Struggling with depression can be overwhelming. Major depression is a common mental health disorder that can create severe obstacles to activities. For those who suffer from major depression, living can become a burden. The National Institute of Mental Health’s (NIMH) data defines major depression as: A period of at least two weeks when a person […]

How to Avoid Stress

We deal with stress every day. Stressful situations occur regardless of where we are. When we are at work, home, in the car, or other places, stress happens. Controlling conditions to get rid of stress can be impossible. Therefore, learning healthy ways to cope with stress is essential to living better lives. When our body […]

Ways to Recognize Anxiety and Addiction

The line between worrying and having an anxiety disorder occurs when a person experiences emotions more significant than the event that triggered the anxiety in the first place. Anxiety disorders disrupt your ability to function in your everyday life. The limbic system’s response to stress disrupts daily life. Our fight or flight reaction comes from […]

Life After Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment

Admitting you have an addiction is life-changing. A person’s path to recovery begins when they realize they have no control over their use of alcohol and substances, they take action, and they seek help. Asking for help is a powerful thing to do. It means recognizing you have a loss of control over a part […]

Family Roles in Addiction

Families play an essential part in the process of addiction recovery. Each family member’s role creates a unique pattern that affects the whole family unit. Recognizing the roles that family members play is integral in helping an individual face their addiction. Ideally, in treatment, the family would be involved, but there may be a reluctance […]

Safe Conversations: Design Your Comfort Zone

Quarantining during COVID-19 is stressful and tedious. Being in self-isolation while going through treatment means that being physically present or active in groups and going to appointments is impossible. Strict guidelines for self-isolation can be limiting, but the regulations don’t mean we can’t be a part of a treatment and recovery community. Even as the […]

Cycles of Depression: Hope in Treatment

Depression is complicated. There is often a fear of vulnerability. Complicating it, even more, is the anxiety of being labeled. Then there is the advice given by friends and family. Despite the well-intentioned words, there remains a lack of understanding of how crippling depression is. People who suffer from depression are often masters of disguise. […]

Holistic Addiction Treatment

Treatment for alcohol or substance abuse focusing entirely on addiction doesn’t include the whole person. A holistic approach to addiction treatment—including mind, body, and soul—is gaining popularity. The standard care for addiction therapy combined with a comprehensive approach addresses addictions, the behaviors of the addict, and biological findings. Research shows that standard care combined with […]